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Dec. 2nd, 2008

love// notebook quote



Hello everyone! I just joined this community and it looks wonderful. Okay...let me start by saying that I grew up having alost nothing. My mother made one pot of pinto beans a week and that's what we ate for the rest of the week until we went to my grandmother's house on Sunday to eat lunch.
All in all, money is fairly important to me. Since I've had none for my entire life, I have just recently opened up an HSBC Online Savings account. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! With my amount in my regular bank, I only earned about 2 cents per month...NOW, with my HSBC account I've been earning about 70 cents per month!!!! WOW!!
I thought that I would share that with you if you're looking for a new place to stash your money!!
♥ sam

Sep. 11th, 2008


Trying to save is next to impossible...

Im pretty good at spotting deals, sales, and buying things I go through fairly quick in bulk for a cheaper price. So saving in that sense, I am good with...

But when it comes to actually saving up for something major (I'm trying to move either to Boston, Mass. or somewhere in the northern Ohio area) It's seems like it will never happen.

I start out good and then have a car problem or need to pay for a prescription, or gas or only god knows what...

I can't open a bank account of any kind due to identity theft, they place a levy on anything I open. I don't have anyone I can trust to open one and let me stash money in it or even hold onto it for me.

I am trying to put it all in an envelope and tell myself I cant touch it but then cases like the above happen and I can't help it.

Any ideas?

Also, if anyone here has ever had a 403(b) with TIAA Cref (usually only available for workers at educationsal instututions) if you ever canceled your 403(b) howhorrific were the charges and tax for doing so? I don't have alot in mine ($440ish) but I'm debating whether I should cancel it out since I haven't added anything since January 2007 or if I shouldjust let it sit. It really hasnt been going up or down, whatever I dolose I makeback up the next quarter but if it wouldn't be bad taxwise to cancel it I could so use the cash...

Sep. 9th, 2008

Let this world explode


(Lack of) Money frustration

Backstory: I bought a car on credit. $5000. "Ha ha!" I said. "I'll have that paid off in less than a year! I can afford to pay $500 per month!" I did not factor into my decision the amount of interest I'd be paying, which is just over $300/month. Neither did I factor into my decision the fact that a month later, I'd be paying $930 for a new alternator.

Well, at least the car works fine now.

So for the next while, I'm focusing on paying that off. And I'm getting frustrated, cause there is NO money to shop or do fun things. It's taking up so much of my brain space that I'm getting anxious. I can get it paid off-- I just want it paid NOW NOW NOW.

Right at the moment, though, I'm trying to cut unnecessary spending. Spending and acquiring gives me happiness. How can I achieve this happiness without spending money? How do you?

May. 6th, 2008

Painted up like trash


Freezing your credit report

If you're worried about identity theft, freeze your credit report. No one can open credit in your name without a PIN. And it apparently causes credit card companies to stop spamming you with offers, which is quite a bonus.

Apr. 30th, 2008

[gh] peace


(no subject)

Okay, so, I got bored today and decided to google grocery coupon websites. Specifically, free grocery coupon sites, because this one that came up charges per month. Which I think is stupid.

Anyway, here's a list of sites that have free, printable coupons for grocery shopping :) Some of them also have coupons for other companies than grocery stores (restaurants, Target, etc).

http://free-product-samples.blogspot.com/ Free samples in the mail
http://coupons.smartsource.com/ This is the company that always puts those coupon flyers in the Sunday paper
http://www.couponmom.com/ Requires registration, but is a free service
http://www.mysavings.com/ Requires registration, but is a free service

Hopefully, these will be of use to some of you guys :)

Apr. 28th, 2008

Baby ducks


Oh, this is hilarious

V went homeless to pay off her credit card debt. (That's not the hilarious part.) She developed a concept called fuck-you money. I wouldn't recommend it, but it's funny to read. She also has advice for improving your credit score.

Apr. 27th, 2008

Let this world explode


Clearing your credit history

Thanks to rednikki for pointing this out:

How to Lawfully Reset Your Credit History

Apr. 24th, 2008



That's Mr. Occupant to you

Cranky. Very cranky.

My boyfriend and I live in an apartment for which we are expected to pay the electricity and cooking gas. When we moved in, we did the whole "set up an account with the electric company" thing, and all went well. As for the cooking gas, we weren't sure. No one said anything about it, and it appeared to be working normally. So, we pushed the issue aside, and, because we're twenty and the gas continued to work, we forgot about it.

Fast forward seven months later, and in one of those bizarre impulses that makes me wonder if there is an intelligence to the universe, the boyfriend opens a letter from something called "Keyspan".

We've been getting letters from Keyspan since we moved in, and have been throwing them away. Because they were addressed to "Occupant." (In an attempt to defend our intelligence, we get letters addressed to "Occupant", "Resident", and "Other Person's Name" all the time. They're either junk mail or they're for the people who used to live here. Still stupid on our parts, but perhaps you can see how this could happen.)

Turns out, those letters addressed to "Occupant" were bills for the cooking gas, and our account is delinquent. Total amount owed: $118.

Could be way, waaaay worse, I know (thank Whatever that we don't pay for heat), but $60 is still a lot of money for me, and I'm really pissed that I now have to spend the larger part of this week's paycheck on something we could have avoided.

Possible OT question under cutCollapse )

Ugh. Losing money through your own stupidity is way worse than losing it legitimately.

Apr. 13th, 2008

[gh] peace



So, um. Hi! I'm Dana, I'm 23, and currently living in Chicago, IL. I say currently because in five weeks and two days, I'll be moving to Orlando, Fl (YAY!). This is something I've wanted for three and a half years, and I'm absolutely freakin ecstatic that I'm finally doing it.

Some background stuff, as well as questionsCollapse )

Basically, long story short, I'm looking for "how to move cheaply" tips, budgeting ideas, and a general idea of how much I'm probably going to pay for a used car (and in turn, how much I should put away). I know I'm more than likely going to have a higher insurance premium once I get the car, because of my age (I'm 23, will be 24 by the time I get the car) and also because of my credit, so if you guys have any tips on how to get a lower rate, I'd appreciate that :D

Also, if any of you guys rent apartments in Florida (or other areas where hurricanes come through), is renter's insurance worth the price?

Apr. 8th, 2008



Money and Me

It's very exciting to see so many of you joining us here! Seems like we'll be able to get a lively dialog going. As a co-mod, I feel pretty slack about not having posted yet, so here is a rough sketch of my relationship with money.

To start off, I come from a more or less socialist family, so I grew up with a major distrust of money, and especially of people who have a lot of it. You can't avoid a certain amount of self-defeating behavior if you are trying to grow your financial resources, but you've always perceived the wealthy as bad guys. I've been working for quite some time on separating my hostility toward those who abuse their power from the idea of money, since money itself is simply a neutral resource like any other. The work continues, but it's slow.

Meanwhile, the husband and I have to stay afloat somehow. We have no kids, but we do have a single family home inside the capital beltway to support. The mortgage is brutal, and nothing is particularly cheap here. Even though we both make money that would probably be seen as fairly decent elsewhere, we often find ourselves barely scraping by.

What makes it harder is that I have a bit of a spending habit. Mind you, it's been hard for me to identify the problem, because I do not display the usual symptoms. I do not buy clothes or shoes or music or DVDs. I have no particular interest in designer anything, and I am usually perfectly happy with older generation, used technology. And the spending I do is in pretty low denominations. It's stuff like books. Or garden stuff, like seeds and organic fertilizers. You'd be amazed at how much a person can spend on composted cow shit. I spend $10 here and $18 there on things "I have to have in order to save us money by growing vegetables/ sewing my own clothes / starting a side business making jewelry". Etc, etc.

And those little splurges add up to a pretty serious cash leak, while at the same time, I am piling up a big, heterogeneous stash of crap, and rarely making very much use of it. Our house is pretty cluttered, and over-stuffed. It's not quite to the point of scary hording, but it's not the way I want it to be.

I do have a few insights into the origins of this impulsive buying and stashing behavior, but I think I've gone on long enough for now. I'll be interested to learn if any of this resonates with anyone else. I hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday!

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